Harris Teeter VIC Card

Harris Teeter is a neighborhood grocery and pharmacy company that provides people with fresh, good quality produce. This article is intended to inform you about the Harris Teeter VIC Card and its services. We hope to provide you with all the facts and figures on the map. Even though it is a food / grocery company they try with their services to make it as efficient as possible for their customers.

Harris Teeter VIC Card & More

A Harris Teeter VIC Card is nothing more than a type of savings card. A customer can only register for one card, one card per household is the rule. You can easily sign up to get your Vic card by going to their website and providing the required information.

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Advantages of a VIC card:

Harris Teeter Vic Card

Once the customer has successfully registered for their own Harris Teeter VIC card, customers can unlock various associated benefits. With the help of the e-VIC program, the company will notify you every time of the sale of the products that you buy regularly. Customers can also benefit from the advantages listed below:

  • Personalized emails are sent every week.
  • A new e-VIC product selected for the whole week.
  • An online shopping list.
  • Vouchers from e-VIC.
  • Discounts for e-VIC members only.
  • Sweepstakes that take place weekly and quarterly.

Prices at Harris Teeter:

Because Harris Teeter has so many stores, the actual pricing system may vary from location to location. So it is better if you check the local store online and place your order accordingly.

Find the price of an item:

As we know, the company is responsible for the express lane. And with such efficient services, a Harris Teeter VIC Card is just a benefit for customers. Where they can get all the sales and offers on their favorite products and get amazing discounts.

About e-VIC items:

These are the special items listed twice a week that customers can purchase at anytime throughout the week. One can also keep an eye out for the items specifically offered as e-VIC items to see the amazing offers. Each Harris Teeter VIC cardholder will receive an email regarding the e-VIC article of the week. They also keep special products ready for the weekend only and have them cleared for the next week. For example, there is an offer for international coffee whiteners. The price is $ 1.47. In this situation, the offer applies directly to your VIC card, as it is an e-VIC special item with corresponding prices. Hence, customers can use such coupons for those special items and make a profit.

Buy a voucher:

The company follows with a system that doubles the amount of your coupon by 0.20 per day. This means that all coupons can be scanned at their nominal value after approx. 20 days. And Harris Teeter VIC Card is chasing them for the same. Coupons addressed as double coupons can be doubled, if the coupons say they don’t double, it is the business to decide whether or not it does. If they have any further doubts, customers can visit the website and find out the latest coupon guidelines for them.

Food offer:

Each week the company runs a meal specials program with all items open at a lower price.

Customer service:

HT is very well known for its customer service because it always keeps customers on top. They really believe in giving the best to customers. If you have any questions about the Harris Teeter VIC Card, please visit their Customer Service page. It is not necessary to contact them with this request only, customers are free to contact each other in case of doubt. You can simply write to them about any other question and also contact them at 1-800-432-61.


This article is specially written to teach you the facts about the Harris Teeter VIC Card and its benefits. We hope it has been of benefit to you and helped clear your doubts. If you have any further doubts, feel free to write to us in the comments and we will give you the answers. Also, please share your thoughts on this article and how it has helped you. Thanks for your time!

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