Harris Teeter Animal Welfare

Harris Teeter is very famous for how they celebrate the diversity of their buyers. They welcome their buyers’ opinions and act upon them when they have food problems. This article is based on how they manage the Harris Teeter Animal Welfare System so their customers can learn more. So we hope this helps you get to know them better and how the products make them work.

Harris Teeter Animal Welfare: General

Even if the company does not operate its own animal processing service. They make sure that their customers get the best products. The company believes in transparency between customers and store workers. Hence, they regularly solicit reviews from their customers and find it important enough that shoppers discuss the Harris Teeter Animal Welfare foods.

Poultry, Chicken and Turkey:

According to the Harris Teeter Animal Welfare Department, they buy some of their chickens and turkeys from certified productions. These practices ensure that the farms follow methods such as Controlled Atmosphere Killing. Therefore, Harris Teeter also prefers the suppliers who follow these protocols and systems.

Cage-free eggs:

Harris Teeter Animal Welfare Program Part 2

The company only believes in bringing better welfare to every animal. This gives them a step ahead of being one of the grocery chains that draws attention to egg-laying hens. They support the cage-free egg initiative and also give preference to those who buy them. You plan to increase the percentage of this methodology over time and become a better version of Harris Teeter Animal Welfare.

Pork meat:

According to the Harris Teeter Animal Welfare Program, they have come to the conclusion that they are finding better ways to raise the pigs. In terms of agricultural practices, they are free of beehives, which puts them above farms that still use gestation crates. The company has set itself the goal of having a pregnancy crate-free system in its operations and of supplying them. With partner Smithfield, they are growing in a better direction to have a crate free work system.


Harris Teeter Animal Welfare Program Part 4

As animal welfare is very important to the company, it supplies milk that is not treated with rBGH cows. Therefore, they also encourage customers to buy their organic milk instead of the treated one. Harris Teeter Animal Welfare is also considering conducting an animal welfare assessment on all of its co-suppliers and receiving results for it. Here we also support farmers in developing programs for breeding polled cows or cows that are naturally polled. We sincerely advise against the fact of the tail docking system and do not allow our suppliers to do so.


With the Harris Teeter Animal Welfare in action, the product is not only delivered in good quality. But they also respect the welfare of animals. In the shops they offer the DK Natural meat, which is grown without steroids or growth hormones. The supply of meat and the care of the animal are part of the program in order to maintain an ecological balance between the two.


Some of the Harris Teeter stores sell DK Natural’s Carolina Bison meat. They have them as suppliers for the practice and the company also takes care of animal welfare.

Rodent Devices:

Due to the Harris Teeter Animal Welfare Program, the company has stopped selling the sticky traps to control rodents. Although they sell various devices for the customers to control rodents, when the rodents are afraid, they urinate. This makes it a factor in attracting germs and diseases of your own. The company is currently working with the Food Marketing Institute and the National Council of Chain Restaurants to develop an industrial-scale program. The purpose of this program is to provide customers with good quality food that is safe.


In this article, we have introduced you to some facts and work patterns of the Harris Teeter Animal Welfare. We hope this article has been helpful and cleared up all of your questions. Even if this was only a brief summary, please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions on this topic. Also, write down what you think about this article and how it helped you. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

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